Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life at SFSU

I have almost completed a year here at SFSU and it has not been what I expected at all. I went to a high school that had a huge campus life, so coming here was a big change. The best activity that was on campus this year so far has been the pre-protest rave -_-. However, I am taking 19 units this semester so even if there were any parties or what not, I probably would not be going to a lot of them anyway.
My experience at SFSU has been different from students at Noterdame because of all the classes as well as the variety of classes I am taking. I am double majoring in Computer Science and German, so most of my free time is spent learning as much as I can about those two or sleeping. Also, most of the students who go there come from wealthy families so money is not a problem, but I have to make sure that I pass all of my classes so that I do not have to pay to take them over again.
Another thing that most of the students and I probably do not share at that school is probably our motivations for going to college. Because their parents are wealthy, I am assuming that they went to college which means that the students want to go to college as well in order to be successful like them. Although both of my parents went to college, I want to surpass what they achieved through going to college to ensure a better future and life for myself.