Friday, February 19, 2010

Blogs I Love

He is one of my favorite artist that is out right now. He always posts up New information about shows and other projects He has going on. You can also check him out on facebook and twitter: which he updates every day.
She always posts about the latest Hot Topics in the music and celebrity world.

Hair and Make-Up is one of my favorite blogs. She is very trendy and always keeps up with the latest fashions but knows where to get the best deals.
I absolutley Love this Blog! Whenever I need some new hair styles or have questions about certain hair products I can read about them on her blog. She specializes in Black hair care which is awesome! 

Her blogs and videos are usually about wig maintenance.Even though i don't wear one, i love all of the different styles that She does with them which i often try on my own hair. She also Blogs about World Events.


  1. DulceCandy! She's awesome, haha. I've seen a few of her videos before, and she seems to know what she's doing and loves every bit of it(:

  2. Interesting! Have you seen the documentary "Good Hair"? I just heard about that this past weekend and am totally going to TiVo it; I think it's really interesting how/why people alter their appearance in different ways, whether it's hair or makeup or plastic surgery.